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Hive giemme

Bees work in physiological way

Hive giemme


45 x 52 x h 46,5 cm


19 Kg



We go back in time to an ancient beekeeping that preserves particular attention to the bee family. The search for the designs of ancient hives was the starting point of our GIEMME project. The bee system will work in a more physiological way without focusing solely on production efficiency, in fact the amount of honey will be slightly reduced to the advantage of the bee, which will be less stressed. Getting the bee less stressed, without making the family too tired, means having a strong hive, able to overcome better the winter.

We lowered the height of 2 cm and reduced the number of frames to 9 in order to allow the bees to have more space and live better inside the nest. The entrance has been moved to the upper left.
If the entrance is correctly aligned with the sun, it allows the early exit of the bees, encouraging productivity and quality.

Caratteristiche tecniche

Sizes compatible with Dadant systems
Spacers of 9 frames
“Rational” entrance placed at three-quarters for a physiological access
Stainless steel bottom tray
Screwed and nailed 24mm boards for durability
Anti-varroa network
7 cm honey-comb cover
Wooden roof covered with galvanized sheet